Stella Artois likes film in which no one whatsoever drinks a Stella

Posted on Mon Nov 2 2009


A movie and a beer do go well together. Stella Artois announced the winner of its Short Film Project today: Jason Musante Klein, for his brooding film The Perfect Time, about a man trying to live in his favorite memory. The contest, co-sponsored by (a social-networking site for creative types), was announced at the 2009 Sundance Film Festival. But unlike many user-generated contests, this one did not expect submissions to relate specifically to Stella. The films had to exemplify the themes of sacrifice and/or perfection. Almost as cool as the $50,000 that Klein won for his 10-minute movie was the slightly random collection of big-name judges who weighed in on the selection: Laurence Fishburn, Kevin Spacey, Sacha Baron Cohen and Judi Dench. It would have been interesting to hear the conversation among the stars once the Stellas started flowing at the reception. 

—Posted by Alex Palmer

Ordinary Americans baffled by Stella Artois' French film spoofs

Posted on Mon Apr 13 2009

Stella! The Belgian beer from 1336 decided to go all 2009 with its new ad campaign by creating a series of three online videos. The only problem is, these "triple-filtered films," which clock in at three minutes-plus each, are almost painful to watch. The first, 8 Kilometres (shown here), is meant to be a spoof of Eminem's 8 Mile set in French bar. Here, the "poets" rank each other out with slams about each other's mothers. The crowd approves with beat-like finger snapping. The joke, if there is one, is so far-flung that it feels very meta—almost like its creators are lampooning really bad viral videos by attempting to make the worst one ever. The may have succeeded. The other "films," Dial Hard and 24 Heures, are somewhat less terrible. But honestly, what is this kind of smug, pretentious effort trying to accomplish? Stella Artois has succeeded among mainstream consumers despite the fact that it's an import with a hard-to-pronounce name. Perhaps they were trying to make fun of themselves, but ultimately the regular consumer isn't going to get it. Nor are they going to give up almost 10 minutes of their lives watching these "smooth originals." You know what was original? The BMW Films videos starring Clive Owen, Mickey Rourke and Madonna way back in 2002.

—Posted by Kenneth Hein



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