'Star Trek' Starfleet Academy gear guaranteed not to get you laid

By T.L. Stanley on Mon Nov 22 2010


Unless you're a cast member of The Big Bang Theory, you may not be able to pull off these newly launched items from CBS Consumer Products. See, they all have Starfleet Academy branding, a reference to the training facility made famous in Star Trek. Hoping to wring even more cash out of the money-minting franchise, the CBS division has invented the Starfleet Academy Store and stocked it with products you'd find in a typical (uber-geeky) campus shop. There's a "Home of the Fighting Phoenix" fleece vest, an "I Survived the Kobayashi Maru" coffee mug and a Starfleet Academy titanium spork. Handy stuff, no doubt, but also likely to earn you a beatdown in the quad. In front of that girl you think is cute. But if you're one of those hard-core fans who needs no translation for phrases like "ex astris, scientia" (from the stars, knowledge), then go ahead. I'm just saying—wear the Red Squadron cuff links at your own risk.

'Star Trek' fans, make your own official Captain Kirk cartoons!

Posted on Tue Feb 10 2009


There was a Trekkie in one of my creative writing classes in college. He would turn in his own original Star Trek stories for his assignments, and the teacher would give him A's. I suspect both of them will love this new offering from GoAnimate. For the first time, CBS is allowing their licensed Star Trek characters to be repurposed for use in a virtual comic-book type setting. Now the Trekkie and the teacher can make their Spock and the Orion Slave Girl stories come true in cartoon form. I am so happy for them both.

—Posted by Kenneth Hein



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