Cadbury sides with women, wishes men were made of chocolate

Posted on Tue Aug 4 2009

Attention, frustrated ladies: Chocolate is still more satisfying than men. At least, that's what Cadbury wants to tell you. In this spot from Argentina (by Del Campo Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi), a man apologizes to his better half for making a number of cliché guy errors, like not sharing his feelings. As he tells her she's right and gives her a present, a bar of chocolate at the side of the screen grows, Tetris style. Then the woman opens her gift to find a video game controller. She is obviously not pleased, and the tower of chocolate goes back to zero. "A man will never be as good as a whole Cadbury," says the copy. While these sorts of male stereotypes probably got started for a reason, the type of woman who would appreciate this ad has likely already discovered chocolate as a healthy (or not) alternative.

—Posted by Elana Glowatz

Dell stumbles on a great ad strategy: catchy, annoying repetition

Posted on Tue May 5 2009

When you compete against Apple, there's always a risk of appearing uncool. Dell has battled that perception for years, and there is no love lost between Michael Dell and Apple's Steve Jobs. But this Brazilian ad might put the Round Rock, Texas, company on the road to being cool. A catchy/annoying dance track from the Brazilian group Creu repeats the word "Dell" over and over, as images of the company's various desktop and laptop PCs flash past. Hitching Dell's wagon to Creu seems to be working. As one YouTube commentor noted (in Portuguese and translated by the Promt free online translator and dictionary): "Listen to the music of Creu now and see if you won't remember Dell." Come on, sing it with me: "Dell, Dell, Dell..."

—Posted by Todd Wasserman



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