KFC offers $20,000 in college money to best high-school tweeter

By David Kiefaber on Thu Nov 18 2010


I've never considered KFC an institution that values learning (they're barely an institution that values food), but they must think differently. After all, they're offering a $20,000 Colonel's Scholars scholarship to the high-school senior who tweets the most compelling case for deserving it. The 140-character limit includes the #KFCScholar hashtag, by the way. The winner, who must be a high-school senior with a minimum 2.75 GPA, will get up to $5,000 a year to put toward an accredited public university in their home state. That more or less amounts to free college, unless the winner lives in California. KFC isn't the first organization to give away college money through Twitter—CollegeScholarships.org introduced a tweet-based award last year—but it's hard to measure creativity, need and drive (KFC's three required elements) in 140 characters. In fact, one could surmise that winning the scholarship would have more to do with dumb luck than actual merit. Still, if you're going to enter this contest, telling them how much you love their food probably won't help you. You'll be better off telling them how good you'll look in those Double Down sweatpants.

You haven't lived until you've group texted your love for a brand

By Todd Wasserman on Mon Nov 15 2010


Just when you thought your brand presence on Facebook and Twitter was enough, here comes a new form of social-media fandom: the group texting community. Apps from BrightKite, textPlus and Fast Society, among others, turn your texting function into a chat room. While such groups are often short-lived (to plan for a party, for instance), the Dairy Queen group, "DQFans on textPlus," is apparently in it for the long haul. According to this interview, the group was created by a "proud Canadian" teen named Kenda. A Dairy Queen rep confirmed that the company had no idea it was breaking new ground in mobile social media.

Do you like Corona Light beer? No, do you really, really like it?

By Elena Malykhina on Fri Sep 17 2010


Corona Light wants to become the most liked light beer in America, and it's tapping into the power of social networking to make that dream a reality. The brand recently kicked off its first digital effort, calling on consumers to visit its Facebook page and click the "like" button. Easy enough, right? Fans are then invited to upload their photos to the page, and the photos will be projected on a 150-foot-tall digital billboard in Times Square. According to parent company Crown Imports, the campaign is an opportunity for Corona Light to engage with consumers in a new way, while offering a pretty appealing incentive to participate. (Who wouldn't want to be the star of a billboard ad in Times Square?) The last time I checked, more than 10,700 people "liked" Corona Light on Facebook. Seems the incentive really is working.

Stride gum wants you to change your entire life around right now

By Elaine Wong on Fri Aug 27 2010


Leave it to the folks at Stride gum to come up with an idea like this. The Kraft Foods brand today launched a Facebook application that lets consumers "Change your flavor, change your life." It promotes its new flavor-changing Stride Shift gum by showing what life would be like if you actually had a piece. (Who woulda thunk flavor-changing gum was possible?) Facebook users can select from one of four characters—an ostrich jockey, a fortune teller, an adventure traveler and a rodeo clown—and insert themselves in said situation. The site explains: "Our powerful life-changing software will update your Facebook photos with a gallery full of pictures and stories that'll dupe your friends into thinking you've transformed into an entirely new you overnight." We can sort of pass for a fortune teller, are horrendous as a clown, high as an adventure traveler and a-OK as an ostrich jockey. All of them are quite an evolution from marketing blogger. We'll have to see if our friends are fooled. JWT New York created the app.

McDonald's gets inspirational with its beefy 'Angus Axioms' site

By Todd Wasserman on Fri Aug 27 2010


McDonald's wants you not only to enjoy its Angus Snack Raps, but to be inspired by them. That, at least, seems to be the thinking behind "Angus Axioms," a promotion the brand rolled out this week on Facebook. Mad Libs-style, the site asks you to enter your name, an interest and a "random adjective." The result, in my case, is above. I've never actually had an Angus Snack Rap, so I don't feel comfortable using this as a status update, but I do agree that life flavored with Swiss cheese is awesome.



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