Gatorade thinks it can add a dancer to it roster of celeb athletess

By T.L. Stanley on Wed Aug 4 2010
So-you-think-you-can-dance The hit Fox series, So You Think You Can Dance, has given us a lot of firsts, like the first time viewers have seen Tahitian dance on a competition show. Those hips don't lie, Lauren! And now there's a first for a marketer —Gatorade just announced that it will include the winner of this season's contest in print and TV campaigns in the fall. It will be the first time a dancer will join the elite athletes that grace the Gatorade roster. For anyone who's a fan of the show, there's never been any doubt that these competitors are athletes, regardless of whether they're back flipping on stage. They're asked to master, in an insanely compressed amount of time, styles of dance they may never even have heard of. Let's face it, who's trained in Bollywood or Russian dance? Not only do the dancers slip into Broadway, disco, hip hop and the dreaded paso doble, they make it look effortless (for the most part) and entertaining. Kudos to Gatorade for recognizing that that's real athleticism.



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