'Next Justin Bieber' wins Snuggie Choice Film Awards

By T.L. Stanley on Mon Oct 25 2010

So the guy who rhymed Ask Jeeves with sleeves didn't win the Snuggie Choice Film Awards, but a Virginia kid with a suspiciously Justin Bieber-esque hairdo did. Well, I can be just as mercenary as Snuggie marketer Allstar Products Group because, as we all know, any mention of that pop idol does wonders for web hits. Christian Finnegan, a comedian from VH1's Best Week Ever, hosted the awards Thursday and dubbed 13-year-old winner Zach Benson, "the next Justin Bieber" for his video, Snuggie Rap Kidz. I'm not saying he was picked because he'll dramatically increase free PR for the event and this much-loved and much-parodied product. (Web votes determined the winner, according to the brand). But it worked out well for all involved. (Even the losers got prizes). The winner took home $5,000 and all the Snuggies he, his family and his dog could possibly ever wear. Good thing, because according to his mad rap, he likes to wear them on the street, in the club, on the john, in the tub...

Vote for the least horrendous entry in Snuggie short-film contest

By T.L. Stanley on Fri Oct 1 2010

Some guy actually resurrected Ask Jeeves—because it rhymes with sleeves!—for in the short-film contest for the blankie-with-arms, the Snuggie. Maybe he should win just because of that? You decide. Above are the six truly awful videos (or major steps up from the brand's infomercials, depending on your point of view) that are apparently the "best" of the bunch. Honestly, I couldn't bear to see the cast-offs. Voting's open until Oct. 15, with the winner announced a week later at the first (and last?) Snuggie Choice Film Awards in New York. We'll track down those red-carpet photos, don't worry.

Snuggie + Macarena create a potently cheesy combination

By T.L. Stanley on Fri Jul 30 2010
There are precious few reliable sources of entertainment these days—the Real Housewives of New Jersey, Sumner Redstone's sexploits, Mark Zuckerberg's white boy dancing—but allow me to add Snuggie commercials to the list. See the latest here and spend exactly no time wondering why it's set to the Macarena song. It just is. Dubbed "Snugarena," this spot shows how easy it is to go about your everyday life wearing a Snuggie, if your activities include eating fast food, line dancing and sideline cheering, that is. (Hey, the dog can wear one, too!) This ad is supposed to serve as inspiration—as if you need it!—for the ongoing contest for Snuggie video parodies. The winner gets $5,000 and a chance to create the brand's next infomercial. There's also a trip to New York for the first-ever Snuggie Choice Film Awards, where the finalists will be screened and everyone will be wrapped in fleece. See some of the entries so far here. And if that still doesn't waste enough of your day, get Snuggie-fied. It's like Mad Men-ing Yourself, except with a lot more lint.

A final death knell for cinema: The Snuggies Choice Film Awards

By T.L. Stanley on Fri Jul 9 2010
Green10_highres Close your eyes for just a second and imagine the following scenario: dozens, maybe even scores of people at a red carpet event are wearing Snuggies. It's almost too good to be true. It could happen, though, at the Snuggie Choice Film Awards, where the brand intends to honor filmmakers (amateur, pro, sardonic and ironic) who make short videos about the blankets with sleeves. Snuggie, a brand from Allstar Products Group that's been in on the joke for some time now, just announced a contest that will give would-be auteurs out there who've been making parody Snuggie infomercials a place to channel their energy. There's $5,000, a future Snuggie ad and some premo product on the line, people! The marketer will winnow the entries and, with the help of fans voting online, pick six finalists who'll show their three-minute films in New York in October. Allstar, meanwhile, will use the gala to roll out its entire 2010 collection, enveloping the whole thing in softness and warmth, with a touch of absurdity. Now that's a movie premiere.

Soon, you may wrap your child in a SpongeBob or Dora Snuggie

Posted on Thu Jun 10 2010


It was just a matter of time until the Snuggie got a licensed makeover. That time is now. But since it's pint-sized, and aimed at kids, maybe it'll be less ridiculous than a grown-up version? You be the judge. The folks at Nickelodeon and Allstar Products Group couldn't help themselves—the Snuggie's just so generic—and a deal between the two will spawn SpongeBob SquarePants and Dora the Explorer Snuggies. There aren't any adult versions yet (well, Weezer did one), but the floodgates are now open. This was one of the tidbits that came out of this week's Licensing International Expo 2010 in Las Vegas, where intellectual properties meet up with consumer-goods manufacturers. Mating sometimes ensues. Fox's licensing arm and Rubie's, for instance, announced the fruit of their union—Halloween costumes based on the $2.7 billion hit film Avatar. Prediction: Even though no one but Zoe Saldana or Giselle should really wear a Na'vi getup, a lot of people will. Cover your eyes (and pray there's no XL).

—Posted by T.L. Stanley

Sure, you adore your Snuggie. But have you tried Pajama Jeans?

Posted on Tue Feb 9 2010

When it comes to comfort, there's no shortage of ridiculous products that take the concept to the next level. You know and love the Snuggie sleeved blanket, which at first seemed like a practical joke. Well, here's an even better one for you: Pajama Jeans. This revolutionary product combines the style of designer jeans with the comfort of pajamas. At least, that's the claim made in the Pajama Jeans infomercial, which reminds me of a Saturday Night Live skit. "They look like they were made by some European designer," the voiceover says, as women model the product in various scenarios. Seriously? The jeans look exactly like the name implies: Stretch jeans that you would find at a discount store, not on the runway. The women in the infomercial don't look like they would ever wear Pajama Jeans or complete a "whole outfit" with a gray T-shirt that comes free with the purchase. It's pretty funny when someone simplifies already casual (and comfortable) apparel like jeans. And if I had to choose, I'd rather throw on a pair of sweats.

—Posted by Elena Malykhina

Deadly competitor of Snuggie and Slanket is now off the market

Posted on Wed Jun 17 2009

09200 copy

We've given Snuggies a hard time since the early days of BrandFreak with good reason: Namely, mass-marketed monk robes are hilarious. We've also expanded our blankets-with-sleeves coverage to include the Slanket, which has since been immortalized by Salma Hayek on 30 Rock. Now, we have to give credit where credit is due. First, these comfy robes (which we likely won't hear from again until the weather turns cold) helped everyone realize just how powerful direct response TV can be. The effect has been amplified by a down economy where people want to feel cozy for cheap and get a free reading light to boot. Still, for all of the goofiness of these products, at least they don't kill people. The same can't be said of Blair LLC's chenille robes. At least six people have died due to these comfortable but highly flammable robes, which are made in Pakistan. The Consumer Product Safety Commission and Blair issued a recall of 162,000 of the robes. So now both Slanket and Suggies can take the liberty of marketing themselves as comfortable, warm ... and safe.  

—Posted by Kenneth Hein

Downsides of the Snuggie: pilling, lint and coldness of the butt

Posted on Thu May 21 2009

We've written quite a bit about the Snuggie, most of it insulting. Now, the crack team at the Consumerist is able to scientifically confirm the Snuggie's lameness after visiting the Consumer Reports labs and seeing how the blanket with sleeves holds up against CR's rigorous testing. It doesn't do well at all.

—Posted by Tim Nudd

The Snuggie pub crawl: the blanket with sleeves also has legs!

Posted on Wed Feb 25 2009


Just when you thought it was safe to read a Snuggie-free BrandFreak, the wearable blanket rears its fleecy forearm once more.
  The New York Daily News reports that the idea of the Snuggie pub crawl—a tour of one's local drinking establishments while dressed in the vile monk-like garment—has been hatched in Chicago, and may soon spread to New York and elsewhere. "It provides an opportunity to act silly, have some drinks and forget everything that's going on right now," says 32-year-old Michael Gallagher, who's helping to organize the first such crawl, set for April 18 in Chicago, as a fundraiser for a Tanzanian orphanage. (What?) "I have been an at-home Snuggie user, but I'm excited to become an in-public Snuggie user," Gallagher says.
  Interest has also been building for Snuggie pub crawl in NYC. If that happens, expect to see Al Roker and his Today show buddies decked out in their blueberry- and blood-flavored Snuggies.

—Posted by Laura Shanahan

A regular blanket is too confusing for you? Try the WTF Blanket!

Posted on Thu Feb 12 2009

This blog is barely six weeks old, and we've already written about the Snuggie (also known as the Toasty Wrap) about 700 times. Still, we have to post this parody ad, in which the Snuggie is rechristened the What the F#%k Blanket. "Regular blankets are confusing. The WTF Blanket will cripple your social life! ... If your reading the obituary or viewing scrambled porn or clogging your arteries or telling a racist joke, you will look like a tool!" Completely awesome. Via American Copywriter.

—Posted by Tim Nudd



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