Interview with Alice Fraasa, the ubiquitous smiley SnorgTees girl

Posted on Mon Jan 26 2009


There's famous, and then there's Internet famous. Alice, the SnorgTees girl, falls into the latter category.
  If you spend any time on Facebook, The Drudge Report or practically any other high-traffic Web site, you've no doubt seen the display ads for SnorgTees, which sells T-shirts with sayings like "I'm kind of a big deal" and "I drink your milkshake." Most likely, the ad featured the woman shown here. Her name is Alice Fraasa, and she's been profiled on various outlets, most notably Jezebel (which called her the "accessible Internet-famous Jessica Biel"). But she remains largely unknown to the millions who have seen her. Here, she took some questions via e-mail from BrandFreak:

Q. How do you get paid? Was it a one-time fee, or do you get more based on impressions? Do you have any idea of the total number of impressions you've been a part of?
  A. Honestly, I don't know much about any of that. I model for them because it's fun and because I get as many T-shirts as I want. I am definitely not a professional model, not even close; I honestly don't even think I'm very photogenic.

Read the full interview here.

—Posted by Todd Wasserman



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