Jimmy Fallon, as Robert Pattinson, is bothered by Snickers ads

Posted on Wed Sep 9 2009

He gets stalked by the paparazzi, attacked by hormonal teenage fans and dragged through the tabloids. But you know what really bugs Robert Pattinson? Snickers ads! Well, it's actually Jimmy Fallon channeling the Twilight heartthrob on his NBC talk show in a series of short videos he calls "Robert Is Bothered." Fallon, who has obviously noticed that Pattinson broods even when he's not playing conflicted-vampire-in-love Edward Cullen, rags on Discovery Channel's Shark Week and Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe in the guise of the now-world-famous young Brit. In the video here, he unleashes some of the best vitriol on the "Snacklish" campaign for Snickers, which includes words like "Hungerectomy," "Nougetaboutit" and "Peanutopolis." Fallon/Pattinson's favorite word in Snacklish? "Bothered!" Points awarded for the videos' setting, reminiscent of a pivotal scene in the Twilight film, Fallon's preening and posing, and the creative use of a blow-up doll (just watch). It's a gag that has a shorter shelf life than a candy bar, but it'll be fun while it lasts.

—Posted by T.L. Stanley

Snickers 'Snacklish' campaign pays tribute to NYC's Dr. Zizmor

Posted on Wed Mar 25 2009

Snickers Dr Z

Every once in a while, an advertiser puts its ego aside to salute greatness, and when this happens, every single one of us can be enriched in some way. By this time, you've probably figured out that I'm talking about Snickers and it's salute to Dr. Zizmor, a fixture of New York subway ads for more than a quarter century. As part of the candy bar's pun-happy riffs on the Snickers name, Snickers and agency TBWA\Chiat\Day have done some ads aimed at weary straphangers. While most seem to be lampooning generic ad categories ("Learn to speak Snacklish"), there's one aimed at the venerable Zizmor (renamed "Doctor Feedzmore"), a dermatologist whose Mona Lisa smile prompted New York Times columnist Dan Barry to once compare him to Dr. T.J. Eckelburg, the eye doctor on a Queens billboard who is referenced in The Great Gatsby. Wrote Barry of Dr. Z: "The eyes in his smiling, baby-chubby visage bore like laser beams into our skulls to read our innermost insecurities—about acne or moles or stretch marks or the risqué tattoo that seemed like such a good idea down at the beach that time." What's the word for this kind of praise? Snackperbole?

—Posted by Todd Wasserman

Snickers kindly asks you to start speaking like a blithering idiot

Posted on Wed Mar 11 2009


Snickers has been making up funny words for its advertising for a couple of years. But now the habit is being formalized with the new "Snickers Speak" campaign from TBWA\Chiat\Day New York, which encourages you to learn "Snacklish." Adland has a bunch of the ads here, showing the distinctive blue, red and white bold-type logo now spelling out a series of puns aimed at the average working/schooling American. These ads are all over the subway cars here in New York, enticing me to "Take night classes at the CHEWNIVERSITY," "Pledge SIGMA NOUGAT" and "Enroll at CITY CHOCOLLEGE." And enticed I often am, heading to take a midterm exam on an empty stomach. Non-collegiates, meanwhile, are encouraged to "File for workman's CHOMPENSATION" or simple "NOUGETABOUTIT."
  If you love it enough, friend it on Facebook, leave it messages, and make your own Snacklish-like logo here (and post it wherever you want). Stay away from words like "NUTSRAWESOME," though. Some people haven't heard about the campaign yet.

—Posted by Yana Polikarpov



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