Free Slurpees! Free Slurpees! Do we need to say any more?

By T.L. Stanley on Wed Jul 7 2010
Free7-ElevenDayCup There may be few more welcome words right now to residents of the searing hot East Coast than these: Free Slurpees! If it doesn't cool you down by drinking it, you could always toss it in your face, which might be referred to as a "reverse Glee." Convenience chain 7-Eleven, having started this tradition a few years back, plans to dole out 5 million free Slurpees to celebrate its 83rd birthday. (Face it, when eggs are frying on sidewalks, no one will care why). The marketer will throw its "Slurpeebrations" on 7/11 with entertainment, sampling and giveaways. There's also an attached Battle of the Bands contest with emerging talent -- performances will stream online -- and a concert by San Francisco rockers Train. Since 7-Eleven started out in the 1920s as Southland Ice Co., maybe the chain will get back to its roots and pelt the sizzling Eastern Seaboard events with some fake snow? Now that would create some goodwill. Find out more on Slurpee's Facebook page.



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