At last, a designer arm sling for those who want to heal in style

By T.L. Stanley on Mon Sep 27 2010


When a press release includes the statement "For the first time in medical fashion history," it's at least worth a read, because who in the world knew there was such a thing as "medical fashion history"? A brand called Sling Couture did. (Or let's figure they made it up.) The marketer (and savvy PR specialist) got its cashmere arm sling placed on the premiere episode of CBS's CSI: last week, on "injured" star George Eads, and wants to let everyone know that having a broken paw might be painful but it doesn't have to be butt ugly. The company's products, including cast covers, cost anywhere between $20 and $50 and can be embellished with your monogram, sequins, satin, crystals and lace trim. Now, if they could only do something about those horrible Elmo-themed scrubs. Think line extensions, guys!



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