Is this upcoming Nickelodeon show just one long Skechers ad?

By T.L. Stanley on Wed Sep 15 2010


It was OK when ABC aired a show based on advertising icons, but when Nickelodeon tries to do the same, the Campaign for Commercial-Free Childhood goes ballistic. Well, actually, it wasn't OK when ABC did it, either. Cavemen, based on the mighty entertaining series of Geico ads, was criminal (and mercifully short lived). But back to Nick, which plans to launch Zevo-3 next month. The CCFC, which monitors the onslaught of marketing to kids, says the show is nothing more than a program-length infomercial for Skechers. Zevo-3's stars, children turned superheroes, were created to hawk the sneaker brand in ads, comic books and other marketing materials. The Children's Television Act and FCC rules would make them off-limits as kids' TV characters, according to entertainment industry blog The Wrap. The CCFC and its outspoken kids' advocate director, Susan Linn, are trying to stop the animated show, saying, "What's next? Programs like Clowning Around with Ronald McDonald? Have It Your Way with the Burger King? Tony the Tiger Toons?" Read more about the protest here, and see why Yo! It's the Chester Cheetah Show never made it off the ground.



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