You can put Sizzler on wheels, but that doesn't mean you should

By T.L. Stanley on Fri Sep 10 2010


If I wanted to go to Sizzler, I would. But I don't, as much as I love me some down-market food on occasion. So, if given the chance to buy lunch from a Sizzler-branded truck, would I? The obvious answer involves whether I'm stuck in the middle of nowhere with no other options. But some folks might jump at the chance, even if there's a perfectly mediocre Home Town Buffet a block away. That's what Sizzler is hoping for, anyway, as it puts its meals on wheels for the first time. The food-truck business, born in Los Angeles but spreading far and wide, is about to get more crowded as Sizzler, Shakey's Pizza, Subway, Koo Koo Roo and other well-known restaurants launch mobile versions of their brick-and-mortar venues, says the Los Angeles Times. Aside from being rolling advertisements, the trucks would bring in extra bucks, especially if they tailor their menus to on-the-go diners. So the advantage to the chains is clear. But this franchised army will suck what's left of the cool factor right out of the mobile-food phenom, which is kind of a shame. Not to mention the added traffic in gridlocked Southern California. Outta my way, Johnny Rockets truck—I'm trying to get to Olive Garden!



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