A 200-foot-long 'Tron: Legacy' monorail ad upset Disney purists

Posted on Fri Apr 23 2010


Ah, Disney theme-park purists. They're the folks who get their mouse ears in a twist whenever anything changes or updates. Imagine what they've had to say about a 200-foot-long ad for Tron: Legacy wrapped on the monorail at Disney World. "What's next, billboards on Cinderella's Castle?" asks a blogger. The offending monorail, with a painted-on motorcycle and a yellow trail of light extending the length of the train, is part of the marketing for the Disney holiday sci-fi action remake and has reminded some park visitors of a bus wrap. Just one question: Does nobody recall that Walt Disney developed theme parks for the primary purpose of promoting his movies? Such short memories. Meanwhile, Six Flags parks are putting their digital out-of-home ads on steroids, adding TV screens at rides and other spots and digital menu boards at the busiest restaurants. Along with the recently opened Jumbotron Network, that makes for 100 million annual impressions, says the company. That's a lot of Coke ads. So, don't go If you're expecting a getting-away-from-it-all experience. Apparently there's only so much fantasy you're allowed.

—Posted by T.L. Stanley

Mr. Six is back, and more frightening than ever, in Six Flags ads

Posted on Thu Mar 26 2009

Just when you thought it couldn't get any creepier, Mr. Six, that freaky little old guy in the Swifty Lazar glasses, is not only back as the spokesman for Six Flags, he's found his voice. And it's the stuff of nightmares. Why couldn't he stay retired?
  Mr. Six seems to have taken over for, but sounds curiously like, the Asian man who recently shouted "More flags, more fun!" in the Doner-created campaign. (That was annoying enough.) Mr. Six, originally seen in 2004, was deep-sixed a few years later when the parks tried to de-emphasize their teen-magnet thrill rides and reposition themselves as family destinations. Guess that worked out. Mr. Six, who was a wildly/oddly popular icon who spawned successful merchandise and events, now dusts off his grandpa-on-crank dance moves. And the ads keep that grating Vengaboys song "We Like To Party" that's become the marketer's ongoing soundtrack.
  Slightly different versions of the new ad are airing in various markets. (This one's for Six Flags Fiesta Texas in San Antonio.) The one airing in the Los Angeles area seems to be pushing something called a "play pass" for $59.99 and the new ride based on the upcoming blockbuster Terminator Salvation. Can't focus on that, though, because of the uncontrollable shuddering at the return of the faux-octogenarian pitchman who's yelling about a twisted "fun-o-meter." Scarred now. Scarred for life.

—Posted by T.L. Stanley



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