Don't fall for that insidiously evil advertising, says ShopSmart ad

Posted on Tue Sep 1 2009


Those Madison Avenue types—such buggers! They use "tactics so subliminal that you may fall victim simply by breathing," says ShopSmart magazine, a Consumer Reports sibling, pointing out that a chocolate-chip-scented candle burning in a store can make me buy a sweater I can't afford. This and other useful tidbits are featured in a solicitation for the 2-year-old, ad-eschewing publication, which landed in my mailbox recently. Here's what I re-learned about the supermarket: "Strategically placed signs, flashing coupon dispensers and displays play mind tricks that make you buy more, spend more and make impulse buying almost irresistible." So that's why I ended up with a cart full of stoner food! Come to think of it, I could probably benefit from the "psychologically improved shopping" that ShopSmart preaches as a way to minimize all that marketing invading my subconscious. Subscription sold! Hey, did that mailer smell like cookies?

—Posted by T.L. Stanley



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