Verizon Wireless carves image of test man into a giant corn maze

Posted on Tue Aug 4 2009

Benson-verizon copy

Apparently, the Verizon Wireless network is so vast and powerful that alien subscribers have come to Earth and created one of their infamous "signs" in a corn field, fashioning a 54-acre likeness of the Verizon guy. Or have Malachai and the other kids from Children of the Corn decided to channel their fury at AT&T? Actually, Verizon is sponsoring an attempt by Nebraska farmer Wayne Benson to set a new Guinness World Record for the world's largest corn maze. According to Verizon, Benson's 54.428-acre maze easily tops the 2007 mark set by a 40-acre maze in Dixon, Calif. Benson, who got McDonald's to create a similar maze on his farm last year, is waiting for Guinness's official sign-off. And yes, the maze is meant to look like the Verizon test man. Visitors to the farm will be encouraged to use their cell phones to get help navigating the maze. Can I hear you now? I can see you from space!

—Posted by Mike Shields



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