Sherry attempting a comeback with a puzzling new ad campaign

By T.L. Stanley on Thu Sep 23 2010


If Mad Men can bring back highballs, sidecars and Manhattans, why can't ad agency Creature re-energize Sherry? Well, first of all, it had its time in '50s flicks as the libation of choice for the extended-pinkie crowd. And if anyone ordered it in a bar today, I think heads would turn, and they'd be expecting to see a boozy old (but well preserved) dame smoking from a fancy cigarette holder. The Sherry Council of America has a completely different image of the drink, which is actually a name-brand wine from Spain (a proper name, like Champagne). Creature, meanwhile, has launched an ad campaign under the guise of the "Secret Sherry Society," with print, wild postings and sampling events in cities like New Orleans, Seattle and Boston. The society is so secret, by the way, that its spokescharacters are invisible! How's that for guerrilla marketing? The whole campaign, in fact, wants you to use your imagination—decipher the ads and find the tasting party. (There's even a shoe phone involved. How very Maxwell Smart of them!) If you can't figure all this out, maybe you've already had too many tiny little goblets of Sherry. In that case, it's probably time to retire for the day and try again next cocktail hour.



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