Consumer Reports cleans up ShamWow's messy product claims

Posted on Thu Apr 30 2009

An unexpectedly snarky Consumer Reports takes on the vaunted infomercial rag (and BrandFreak favorite) ShamWow in this video, spurred into action by pitchman Vince's claims that the product holds either 20, 12, or 10 times its own weight in water. The correct measurement, as it turns out, is 10. Not bad, but regular sponges hold the same amount, Consumer Reports found, and they cost a lot less than a pack of ShamWows, which also streak the hell out of your kitchen counter. Color us shocked that a product sold by the doofus who made The Underground Comedy Movie isn't entirely on the level. But we'll reconsider if Vince used one to clean himself up after fighting that hooker in South Beach.

—Posted by David Kiefaber

The ShamWow: does it come with more 'sham' or more 'wow'?

Posted on Tue Jan 20 2009

Consumers are fond of multipurpose products. But can you trust a product that makes too many promises?
  We're talking about you, ShamWow. Here we have a "super shammy" that can be used as a sponge on spills (it supposedly holds 20 times its weight), that you can wash your car with, or your dog, that you can use as a towel—after all, Olympic divers use it! You can even use it to seal leaks! (OK, they don't say that, but I'm sure it could work.)
  I thought the whole point of paper towels and sponges was convenience and the fact that they're disposable. But no, the inventors of the ShamWow think you'll buy it because it's machine washable, costs just $19.99 for four large and four mini ShamWows, and comes with a 10-year warranty.
  And if you're still not sold, watch ShamWow's low-budget infomercial (above) starring AdFreak fave Vince Offer, who gives the best sales pitch of all: "It's made in Germany; you know the Germans always make good stuff."

—Posted by Elena Malykhina



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