Shake Weight infomercial now available for private DVD viewing

Posted on Mon Apr 19 2010

Last August, BrandFreak's T.L. Stanley called the Shake Weight infomercial "the most unintentionally obscene product demo ever" and speculated that "plenty of non-females with no interest in toning their triceps are ogling this clip." Now, Saturday Night Live has also taken note of the, uh, unintended implications of the ad. A fake informercial that aired on last week's show advertises a DVD of the Shake Weight spot for men's private viewing. Personally, I don't understand what everyone's talking about. This looks like a fine way to tone the arms, and it probably does a good job on the hands, too.

—Posted by Todd Wasserman

Do not buy the Shake Weight for your mother, sister or daughter

Posted on Tue Aug 4 2009

Two things came to mind immediately while watching this infomercial: 1) That gizmo might just work; and 2) Holy moly, that's the most unintentionally obscene product demo ever. Seems that Shake Weight is no joke (it even says, "It's real!" on the Web site) and bears the chick-empowering tagline, "Get strong, sexy, sculpted arms and shoulders." But it's my guess that plenty of non-females with no interest in toning their triceps are ogling this clip (almost 130,000 YouTube views). That's because of the, um, entertainment value to be gleaned from watching this device at work. Sure, my mind's often in the gutter, but even the marketer seems to get a little squeamish about showing Shake Weight in action. At one point, the video switches to a CGI-looking exerciser in place of a real woman to demonstrate the "dynamic inertia" that is supposed to help give you Madonna's guns (or at least help you avoid getting Grandma's). There are some stats that back up its patent-pending design, and it promises you'll be "free to go sleeveless" with its six-minute-a-day workout. Worth the $19.95? Tough to say, but here's my advice. Do not—repeat, do not—use it at the gym.

—Posted by T.L. Stanley



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