Trojan goes the not-so-subtle route for holiday safe-sex message

Posted on Mon Dec 29 2008

Ever the polite marketer, Trojan condoms launched a viral campaign this Christmas on that suggested, among other things: "Good gravy, Santa's packing a Yule log!" In its continuing effort to spread the message of safe sex (and sell more condoms), Trojan posted the "Reindeer STD" clip earlier this month. The two-and-a-half minute video, not-so-subtly brought to you by Trojan, provides plenty of sexual Christmas innuendos. A line like "She's worked more chimneys than Santa on Christmas Eve" always arouses the Christmas spirit. Of course, the overall lesson is made clear when Santa asks the STD-infested reindeer: "Did you wrap your present before stuffing it into the stocking?" Apparently, Rudolph's nose isn't the only part of him that's glowing red.

—Posted by Matthew Fields



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