Sara Lee deli meats are there for moms in their moments of crisis

Posted on Wed Sep 16 2009

Holy moly. Days like these are enough to make any mom rip her hair out. John, your husband, is home sick, which is "really like adding another kid to the mix." You trip over Tickle Me Elmo (did he giggle?), and your dog crapped in the back of your friend's car. The lesson here? Pack lunch for your whole family the night before! That's according to this new Web video for Sara Lee's deli meats, titled "Dealing with Disaster." The first three "Mama Saga" videos are now running on Facebook, Metacafe and YouTube, part of Sara Lee Deli's foray into social media. Each spot shows moms venting about parenting challenges, while asking viewers how they would handle such mama sagas. (The product, of course, is woven throughout the series.) The videos were created in conjunction with Second City Communications, the business services arm of the famed Second City Theater. As for the scenario above, BrandFreak would probably call it quits and run off for a night out with the girls. All while munching on some Sara Lee lunchmeats, of course.

—Posted by Elaine Wong



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