Scott towels' Facebook app helps you shut up your whiny friends

By Todd Wasserman on Fri Nov 12 2010


A lot of brands don't seem to know what to do on Facebook. Some post insipid updates like, "What's everyone doing this weekend?" Some just post boring press releases. But now, Kimberly-Clark's Scott brand has offered something useful: an app for industrial-strength Scott Shop Towels that you can use to tell your whining friends to shut up. The "Suck it Up" app, created by Colossal Squid Industries, went live today. Share it with the complainers on your Facebook feed.

Meet the extremely punchable Scott behind Scott paper products

Posted on Wed Jun 2 2010

Sales of Scott toilet tissue have lagged due to the economic slump and subsequent lack of Rocky Horror Picture Show midnight screenings. So, the Kimberly-Clark brand is attempting to recover with its new "Do You Know Scott?" campaign. It features an interactive Web site and commercials like the one shown here (via agency Tris3ct) to make eponymous spokesman Scott explain how the brand is greener, cheaper and better than ever. Or not explain, since Scott speaks primarily in buzzwords and smiles in a way that can only be described as "punchable." The TV spots might help brand visibility, but the site doesn't cover any new ground, and honestly, toilet paper is never going to have enough of a cool factor to build a non-spambot online community around. If K-C wants to boost the brand's sales above private label and appeal to the greener consumer, it needs to make the relevant information clearer and less Web-2.0 gimmicky. Or failing that, they should make a flash game where we can punch Scott.

—Posted by David Kiefaber



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