Scientology releases new ad campaign, promises to fix your life

Posted on Mon Jun 22 2009

Just trying to get in a little food porn, that's all, when up pops a slick-looking commercial with a soothing, all-knowing voiceover. Is this a chick-targeted Nike ad, or yet another suggestion that I talk to my doctor about a happy pill that might be right for me? A minute ago, I was watching Chef Duff whip up a cake in the shape of the Taj Mahal, and now I'm being confronted with Big Life Issues like "Who am I?" and "What's my truth?" If I wanted to ponder the existential, I wouldn't be watching Ace of Cakes. I'd switch over to The Real Housewives. But I digress. The source of my confusion? Ads for the Church of Scientology that are airing now on the Food Network and three dozen other cable channels. (See one spot embedded here, and a couple more here). Make of them what you will—creepy, yeah?—but I think the recession-era timing of these ads is no accident. Could they help the science-fiction-based "religion" gain some ground as people grapple with the trashed economy and the soul searching that it's triggered? According to Wired, the TV ads are part of a larger campaign that covers cable, satellite dish networks, news sites and—shocker!— Response to the ads so far has been mostly, "WTF?" And those are the kinder Tweets. Decide for yourselves, and I'll try to hold onto what's left of my sugar high.

—Posted by T.L. Stanley

Bart Simpson under fire for sudden endorsement of Scientology

Posted on Thu Jan 29 2009

Bart Simpson has been known to shill for the likes of Burger King, Butterfinger, 7-Eleven and JetBlue. But Scientology?
  Word's out in Hollywood that Nancy Cartwright, the actress who voices Bart, and who, along with the rest of the cast, negotiated a new $400,000-per-episode Simpsons deal for herself a few months back, spoke like the famous animated character as part of a Scientology promotion.
  Cartwright, a member of that controversial pseudo-church, recorded a phone message to promote an upcoming Scientology event in Los Angeles. While she identified herself by name, she used Bart's voice in a few places, according to The Live Feed, a Hollywood Reporter blog.
  It's caused quite a kerfuffle, with Simpsons property owner Fox investigating the use of its trademark and the show's execs distancing themselves from the implied endorsement.
  Maybe it's time to have a cow. Anyway, we've always thought of Bart as an agnostic.

—Posted by T.L. Stanley



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