Schwan's will do everything but spoon the food into your mouth

Posted on Wed Oct 14 2009


Who doesn't enjoy a freebie in a recession? Especially free dinner! Schwan's, the nation's largest home-food-delivery provider, is doing just that with a free-food giveaway promotion that allows consumers to sample meals priced at $10 and below. A Schwan's rep shows up and delivers the food, free of charge. Simple as pie. To tout its "Let's stick a fork in the recession" offer, the company is running ads by The Gate Worldwide in USA Today. In the ad shown here, the company admits its offer is tantamount to bribery (but hey, desperate times call for desperate measures). Another ad reads, "We'll reward you for recommending us to your friends. Or your enemies, for that matter." Perhaps even more appealing: "We have two words for all those Americans who are looking for work: We're hiring." Yes, they are. Now that is guaranteed to catch some eyeballs.

—Posted by Elaine Wong



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