Fashion mavens cannot wait to get their hands on this Schitbag

Posted on Tue May 18 2010


If your brand brief for a new purse contains descriptors like "high fashion," "sophisticated," "sleek," "sexy" and "sensuous elegance," you'd surely want to name the thing a "Schitbag." Right? If the fashion world is being duped by this, maybe we'll all have a good laugh at some point. But press materials went out recently touting The Original Schitbag (pronounced skit-bag?) as a new must-have purse for the fall. Various blogs have picked it up, asking, naturally, what kind of a name is Schitbag? And would you, haute couture maven, be caught dead with one? The product, which just launched from a company called LeSchitte Designs (I am not making this up), is a "hands-free" waist bag, kind of like a fanny pack, that "represents the ultimate combination of beauty, form and function," according to the marketer's website. It's suede and comes with an endorsement from celebrity stylist Shari Geffen, who's worked with celebs like Julia Roberts, Sarah Jessica Parker and Johnny Depp. Geffen wears her Schitbag proudly, or so she says in the company's PR. Did they market test that name? This could be the best branding move ever or the most boneheaded. Image consultants out there, what's your read on this?

—Posted by T.L. Stanley



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