Las Vegas ads getting their raucous, unwholesome groove back

Posted on Thu Jun 18 2009

Montecarlo copy

Remember when Las Vegas was a family destination, full of wholesome clean fun for Mom, Dad, Jacob and Emily? Me neither. I do recall, though, the marketing in the '90s that attempted to convince the gullible among us that it was a smart idea to take the well-scrubbed clan to that sin-soaked playground in the desert. Glad those disingenuous days are gone. We're in the age of The Hangover, folks, where the No. 1 movie in America for two weeks running is all about going so overboard in Vegas that memory, liver function and grooms-to-be are lost in the scuffle. And some recent advertising for the city and one of its mega-hotels shows that ad agencies have given up the family-friendly ghost once and for all in favor of a message that's a lot closer to reality.
  A couple of print ads for the Monte Carlo don't want to tax your hedonistic brain with real French-lite words, so they phonetically spell out an invitation for you to toss caution and your underpants to the wind. Go ahead, they say, get liquored up and do outrageous things! Worry about YouTube later. (Hat tip to Gawker for pointing these out.) Meanwhile, R&R Partners, no strangers to the real heartbeat of the city, created the iconic "What happens in Vegas" campaign. Their current work for the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority encourages lying to your boss so you can enjoy a long weekend of (fill in depraved activity here) in Sin City. At least there's no pretense. Let the hard partying begin.

—Posted by T.L. Stanley



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