Can an 'erotic' energy drink bring romance back from the dead?

Posted on Fri Feb 13 2009


For the past five years, the PR firm Porter Novelli has been asking people if they would describe themselves as romantic. The answer this year: No, not really. Slightly more than one-third of men polled (36 percent) described themselves as romantic, compared to 42 percent of women. The inclination toward being romantic appears to decrease with age. While more than half of millennials held onto ideals such as true love, romance, rose-petal parades and pink champagne, that number dropped off significantly for all of the other generations, presumably because they are tired, bored, lazy or "emotionally unavailable" after getting their hearts broken too many times and/or being overmedicated by their physicians. Fortunately there is a solution: Red Light Energy Elixir. This new "exotic and erotic" drink "inspires passion," according to the company's press release. How does it accomplish this? Well, it's red, which is the sexiest color (per a random poll), and it includes schizandra berry (which may increase libido, stamina and balance). Problem solved. Happy Valentine's Day.

—Posted by Kenneth Hein



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