No wonder you're so full of life after drinking that Red Bull cola

Posted on Wed May 27 2009


What is it exactly about Red Bull that gives drinkers so much energy? Is it taurine, which defines as a "neutral chrystalline substance (C2H7NO3S) obtained from bile," or is it something else—something that is also very popular in the clubs? German officials suspect the latter and have banned Red Bull cola (note: not the regular Red Bull) in six states in that country after the German Nordrhein-Westfalen Institute of Health and Work ran a test and found trace amounts of cocaine. For its part, Red Bull doesn't deny that it taps coca leaves for its cola product, but insists the coca-leaf extracts are de-cocainized and "are used as flavoring in food products around the world and are considered to be safe" (not to mention FDA-approved). Nevertheless, when word gets out about Red Bull cola's alleged ingredients, expect lines to form at clubs from coast to coast, at least until this whole thing blows over.

—Posted by Todd Wasserman

Drinking Red Bull in China can often be quite a brutal experience

Posted on Fri May 1 2009

Redbull1 copy

Given the choice, would you prefer that Red Bull gave you wings or a kick in the head? In the energy's Chinese ad campaign, they're trying the latter, but I'm not sure how well that's going to work. The guy in the ad above doesn't look like he's enjoying himself. Nor does this girl, or this androgyne. They don't seem terribly energized either, which is what I thought the entire point of drinking Red Bull was. It could be that these are in fact cans of whoop-ass, which might also explain why they're so small. Whatever the case, this campaign does look like a rip-off of this coffee ad from Argentina. Via Ads of the World.

—Posted by David Kiefaber

Red Bull takes celebrity butt kissing to the extreme

Posted on Mon Feb 23 2009


I have heard of brands currying celebrities' favor by giving them goodie bags full of free watches, colognes and other swag that I could never afford. But, Red Bull has taken it to a whole other level. The energy drink brand is allegedly building a $500,000 secret half pipe for Shaun White. Oakley, helped fund the private training area, which is located at Silverton Mountain in Colorado. A Red Bull rep confirmed the project which includes "the first ever on-mountain foam pit. This will allow the riders to attempt tricks that they never thought would be possible, before trying them on snow and with minimal consequence of injury....[It is a] secluded spot ideal for focus and training. Therefore, there is no public access to the facility." Apparently, you can only get there by snowmobile or helicopter. Hear that Ski-doo and Bell Helicopters? What are you waiting for? Shaun needs your help.

—Posted by Kenneth Hein

Red Bull builds 'snowscrapers' for snowboarding contest in NYC

Posted on Tue Feb 3 2009


New York City hasn't been host to many winter sporting competitions. However, Red Bull is changing all that. On Wednesday, it is bringing the world's top snowboarders to East River Park to compete for $100,000. Shaun White, Travis Rice and others will compete on a nine-story ramp specially built by Red Bull. Old-school metal act Anthrax will be on hand to crank out the soundtrack for the evening. The event will be broadcast live on the site. Who said Red Bull was out of ideas?

—Posted by Kenneth Hein

Red Bull, now officially out of original ideas, signs Reggie Bush

Posted on Thu Jan 29 2009

RB_ReggieBush_Garth Milan copy

In 2001, the marketing tactics behind Red Bull's seemingly overnight success were veiled in mystery. The brand, which rarely gave interviews, always seemed to be in the right nightclubs, at the right sporting events and in the right people's hands. Everything about it was unique, from its distribution (people in vans) to its TV ads (crudely animated spots where people fly away after drinking it).
  Inevitably, the competition caught up. Monster kicked its butt with a bigger can, and Rock Star, Amp and others ate away at its marketshare. So, what does the Red Bull do? Launch a cola, and hire Reggie Bush.
  Bush, who is barely an elite player, is no stranger to partnerships. He has had deals with Adidas, EA Sports, Hummer, Subway, Pepsi and Adidas. What's next, Red Bull, a taste test? Those seem to be popular these days. Maybe you can get Snoop Dogg to appear in your ads, too. No one has ever done that before.

—Posted by Kenneth Hein



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