30 years later, Sharona Alperin still makes most of 'My Sharona'

Posted on Fri Feb 19 2010


If the lead singer of a band wrote a song about me and it became a massive hit, you better believe I'd play that "rock muse" card at every opportunity. It's no different for Sharona Alperin, who was the inspiration behind the Knack's summer-of-'79 hit, "My Sharona." Alperin sells high-end real estate in Los Angeles these days, advertising her services with a Web site that plays the instantly recognizable rock anthem. It's even called MySharona.com. Because her former boyfriend and Knack frontman Doug Fieger died last weekend, the spotlight's been shining on the band's most memorable tune—and, with it, the brunette beauty on the single's cover. She still gets a lot of those covers in the mail, Alperin says in a Los Angeles Times story, and she sends them back autographed. Maybe she tucks in her business card, too, for those who might be looking for a luxury condo in Santa Monica. Now that's catchy branding.

—Posted by T.L. Stanley



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