Philips Norelco now gratuitously catering to horny-dude market

By Todd Wasserman on Wed Sep 22 2010


In 2006, Philips Norelco had a new-media hit with a video called "Shave Everywhere" that featured a man in a robe showing how the company's Bodygroomer could manscape a carrot and two kiwis. Back then, the brand was being coy. But now it's making a fairly naked play for the horny target demo, making over the Shave Everywhere site with videos for the Sensotouch 3D shaver featuring a babe offering advice on how to wow her at the beach, in the bedroom and in the boardroom. (Hint: Unsightly body hair is a no-no.) To sweeten the deal, Norelco is running a promotion dangling a trip to the Playboy Mansion. Subtle? No. But then again, how many times can you watch a guy shave a kiwi?

The Art of Shaving simplifying stores for confused, hairy patrons

Posted on Fri Jun 11 2010


Some brands do a great job turning a mundane task into a status-driven event. Take The Art of Shaving, the clubby, 39-store empire devoted to the elimination of whiskers. Ancient cave paintings tell us that man has been removing hair from his face since roughly 100,000 B.C., but only since 1996 has AoS given us guys a way to do it that includes Sandalwood Essential Oil Shaving Cream (5 oz., $22) or a Bocote Wood straight-edge razor with a cabon-steel blade imported from France ($225, in case you were wondering).
  But the trouble with turning a simple thing like shaving into an elaborate ritual is that most dudes get confused and freak out when presented with a store full of colognes, oils and emollients. This month, AoS has settled on a way to simplify all that with a new display format that breaks shaving into four easy steps—Prepare, Lather Up, Shave and Moisturize. The store's core products are clustered according to step number on both a marble-topped table just inside the entrance and within a shelf-lined cabinet sunk into the wall.
  We should mention that this eminently sensible setup is not new to retail. In fact, it reminds us of the way you should order a cheesesteak in Philly if you want to avoid getting yelled at. (1. How many hoagies you want? 2. Specify kind of cheese. 3. With onions or without? 4. Pay and get the hell off the line.) The bottom line, brand fans, is: Keep things simple. It's easier to make money that way.

—Posted by Robert Klara

Schick Quattro for Women getting very good at this topiary thing

Posted on Wed Jun 17 2009


What is it with all these "trimming the hair down there" ads lately? Oh, bikini season, right! Gillette was as frank as can be with its video on "How to shave the groin." Schick, with help from JWT, is being a bit more subtle, going the metaphor route with its Quattro line of women's TrimStyle razors. AdFreak posted the TV commercial earlier. Perhaps it's just us—or the eerie background music—but are the ever-morphing bushes in that ad simply creepy or what? And if you still didn't get the picture, try this print ad. That should explain everything.

—Posted by Elaine Wong

Jeter and Woods out-'70s Federer in latest ad for Gillette Fusion

Posted on Tue Apr 21 2009

Roger Federer might be an international sex symbol and a tennis legend, but put him next to Derek Jeter and Tiger Woods and he's just a goofball. That's the gist of a new ad from BBDO for Gillette's Fusion razor that pays tribute to the opening scene of the 1977 classic Saturday Night Fever. While Jeter and Woods apparently have the Travolta strut down, Federer, with his high-heeled shoes and silly grin, is just way too Swiss or something to make the cut. Speaking of making the cut, can this ad help Gillette make being clean-shaven cool again in this age of beards and three-day stubble? And is drawing on a 30-year-old movie with two thirtysomething and one late-20s athlete the way to do it? Maybe Gillette threw out the marketing playbook on this one and subscribed to the Bee Gees' maxim that "we've been living in a world of fools breakin' us down, when they all should let us be."

—Posted by Todd Wasserman



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