Ralph Lauren's freaky model gets guided tour of the blogosphere

Posted on Wed Oct 7 2009


The picture at right currently has Ralph Lauren in the middle of a big fat controversy. It all started when reps from Ralph Lauren asked a blog called Photoshop Disasters to take the ad down. One hopes this is a Photoshop disaster and this model isn't walking around looking like this. But that issue aside, Lauren's ham-handed PR has come back to haunt it. Photoshop Disasters took the image down, but said, "It seems that Ralph Lauren is not too keen on art criticism these days and lashed out with a rather questionable [Digital Millenium Copyright Act] takedown against this blog." Then BoingBoing, a site with a much bigger audience, picked up the picture, and so did the Huffington Post, and now the offending ad is all over the place. So, in one fell swoop, Ralph Lauren offended women sensitive to unrealistic body images and pissed off free-speech proponents in the blogosphere. Way to go, Ralph!

—Posted by Todd Wasserman



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