Cranberry Raisinets a challenge to regular Raisinets' self-esteem

Posted on Wed Nov 4 2009

These fruit wars can be entertaining. In August, Nestlé released the first two parts of a multi-chapter webisode series promoting the launch of its new Cranberry Raisinets. It showed Cran Berry, a sassy, animated talking antioxidant snack, making her way to Chocolate Springs. As her name implies, she's not a typical Raisinet (the snacktime favorite of theatergoers), and the other raisins are jealous. All four webisodes, plus "bonus outtakes," are now up, courtesy of OgilvyInteractive, which worked with Nestlé on the launch. Cran dances her way to fame in the final chapter. (Oops, spoiler!) One bonus outtake shows how hard it is to pronounce "chocolate bog blog" (we got tongue-twisted and didn't even try it three times fast). Another, shown here, explains good fruit table manners. Cran orders a grape juice, to the horror of the raisins, who are, after all, shrunken grapes. "You are what you eat, girls," she tells them.

—Posted by Elaine Wong



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