Cooking on Weber grills gets hip young people in mood to dance

Posted on Fri May 21 2010

I have a Weber grill and I like it, but I've never done the crazy dances that the people do in this ad from rabble+rouser. But the dancing is only one of the points of interest here. When I think grilling, I picture the standard fat suburbanite, but here the actors are a bit more upscale and quirky, reflecting the brand's aspirational tilt. There's a woman who looks like Tina Fey, for instance, and a young Elvis Costello-y guy—not the types you'd associate with grillin'. The Costello guy is even on a rooftop surrounded by other hipsters, giving the illusion that barbecuing is all the rage in Williamsburg right now. (Maybe it is, for all I know.) Will Weber grills become the trucker hat of the summer of '10?

—Posted by Todd Wasserman



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