Don't be surprised if this chicken-flavored fungus makes you ill

Posted on Thu Sep 17 2009

This brings the old cliché that everything tastes like chicken to a whole other level. Apparently, there's a brand called Quorn that makes meat-substitute foods from a vat-grown mold that can be made to taste like chicken. If the sound of a chicken-flavored fungus makes you want to throw up, then you might appreciate this irony: Quorn's products allegedly do make some people vomit violently as an allergic reaction. An Arizona woman has filed a class-action lawsuit against the makers (maybe we should call them growers) of Quorn for failing to warn consumers about the possibility of this reaction. Kathy Cardinale says she ate Quorn's Chik'n Patties three times before realizing the product made her violently ill. "I felt like the soles of my feet were going to come out of my mouth, I was vomiting so hard," she says in a press release issues by the Center for Science in the Public Interest. CSPI alleges that more than 1,000 people have suffered adverse reactions when eating Quorn's "chicken" culets, tenders and patties. Further proof that if vegetarians want to eat something that tastes like chicken, they should probably just eat chicken.

—Posted by Kenneth Hein



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