Kimberly-Clark's Pull-Ups introduces potty-training iPhone app

By Elaine Wong on Thu Aug 19 2010


Just when you thought iPhone app developers had seized every thinkable opportunity out there, along comes this one: Now, you can potty-train your kid using a free mobile app from Kimberly-Clark. The maker of Huggies diapers and Pull-Ups training pants is introducing a new app, iGo Potty, this week that does just well, exactly that. It encourages both parents and kids alike to participate in the potty-training process (and hopefully make it fun along the way) with interactive features like customizable potty reminders, prizes and games and even special calls from "Patty the Potty." (Yes, the toilet is calling. Make sure you get your toddler to answer it.) What's more, upon successful completion of this important life stage, the app lets out a stream of graduation-themed music, as well as (virtual) balloons and streamers. There's even a diploma you can print out and hang on the fridge. Mobile marketing agency Joule created the app. We can't wait to try it ourselves. Does it work on a dog?

If you do not know the Pull-Ups potty dance, you are missing out

Posted on Thu Feb 25 2010


Eek! BrandFreak woke up this morning to find that Zooey (yes, that unpotty-trained dog again) had peed all over the place. We're so frustrated that we've decided to try (yes, we're desperate) Kimberly-Clark's tried-and-true potty dance. We wrote about the potty dance last year. Now, JWT New York has refreshed the campaign for K-C's Pull-Ups brand with TV, print, online and in-store ads and even house parties where moms and kids (that's right) do the potty dance. (It's kind of like the chicken dance, except you do it when you gotta go, you know?) Pull-Ups tapped children's songwriter Ralph Covert as the face of the campaign, and he's also encouraging families to drop off unused diapers at local women's and children's centers. We went online to to try to learn the dance ourselves, and hey, we've almost got it. Do we "feel the rhythm"? We do! Oh no, the pooch just went on the couch! (We'll be back.)

—Posted by Elaine Wong

Kimberly-Clark's Pull-Ups brand shines a light on potty training

Posted on Wed May 13 2009

Kimberly-Clark has sent a camera crew on the road as part of a new webisode series that shows the realities (ugh!) of potty training. Much like its Depend underwear for men and women campaign, the Pull-Ups Potty Project uses a straightforward, tell-it-like-it-is approach. (K-C says consumers want the real stuff—no bull—when it comes to advertising in a recession.) One video shows a dad telling his daughter to "take a deep breath," with hopes that the "poo" will finally come out. "I'm done," insists another child, but his mom replies, "No, you're not." Point is, the faster you get your child potty-trained, the sooner you can say good-bye to Pull-Ups. Oh, don't we all miss those diaper days (minus the rash, that is)?

—Posted by Elaine Wong

Everyone's doing the Potty Dance. What are you waiting for?

Posted on Thu Feb 12 2009

The next time your child says, "Mommy, I gotta go potty," try dancing around like a maniac and singing on your way to the bathroom: "Put your left hand out, put your right on top, then you let it drop, do the hula hoop!" The song, and accompanying dance, is courtesy of Kimberly-Clark's Pull-Ups potty-training pants and ad agency JWT. According to the press release: "The Potty Dance is a new dance craze that is designed to help families make potty training an encouraging and exciting experience for their toddlers. Since potty training can often be intimidating to both child and parent, it's important to incorporate rituals—like the Potty Dance—to make the process fun for all."
  The campaign includes TV, print and online components, and the brand has tapped celebrity mom Tori Spelling, whose 2-year-old son Liam is in potty-training mode, as its spokeswoman. Here are the steps to the dance. There's also a Facebook fan page. And, for the mom who's truly crazed about her kid's dancing skills (or just truly crazy), K-C is running an online video contest with prizes for the tot who performs the best Potty Dance.
  Just don't confuse it with the Pepto-Bismol dance.

—Posted by Elaine Wong



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