'Projectellas' the greatest media idea in the history of the world?

Posted on Tue Jun 16 2009

"It's a mashup of epic proportions! An amazingly effective advertising vehicle that fuses the art of digital projection with something most people own and use on a regular basis." "Rain or shine the Projectella's [sic] are the new hotness when it comes to effective street level consumer engagement!"  "Summertime's New Hotness!"
  No, that's not some fictitious film critic gushing about the latest Sony summer blockbuster. The Godzilla-type hype is reserved for a new ad medium involving ... images being projected onto golf umbrellas. National Media Services, along with BlueBlastMedia, recently developed these cumbersomely named Projectellas and raved all about the technology in its NMS newsletter. As a case study, it shared how Red Cross relied on Rihanna's favorite raingear in its "I + NY" campaign in the streets of Manhattan. Was it successful? As it was unfortunately phrased in the release, the Projectellas "literally stopped consumers dead in their tracks." Now that's what we call a mashup of epic proportions.

—Posted by Becky Ebenkamp



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