Insurance companies race to help you prepare for Hurricane Alex

Posted on Wed Jun 30 2010


The advent of social media has prompted a new style of communication between brands and consumers: pre-emptive communication. If you've friended Progressive, State Farm or Allstate on Facebook, for instance, you will have received tips from them in your Facebook stream on how to prepare for Hurricane Alex. I'll have to assume Allstate's five tips aren't rated in order of importance (No. 1: Check your insurance coverage. No. 5: Plan your evacuation.) Progressive, meanwhile, earns points for focusing on safety (as does State Farm) but loses a couple for alternating its dire warning with a prompt to see a new ad starring spokeswoman Flo and Pickles, a dog that does tricks.

—Posted by Todd Wasserman

Progressive's spokeswoman Flo needs a sidekick. Will it be you?

Posted on Wed Feb 3 2010

Progressive Insurance is looking for a sidekick for Flo, its long-running spokeswoman (and sex symbol to some). Because this is 2010, Progressive is asking the unwashed masses to explain, in a minute or so on video, why they should get the nod. So far, there are no clear winners among the 500-plus submissions, though a woman named Lytle (shown here) is leading with more than a quarter-million views over at the site. (Lytle explains that she could sell to Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny, has good dance moves and could be a backup singer.) My personal favorite, though, is a woman named Sara Morabi, who received the comment, "This girl is so cute...I like how she lights up the screen," leading Morabi to counter: "Thanks for the above comment, mom. Never leave your computer running when your mom is around."

—Posted by Todd Wasserman



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