You won't believe these [bleeping] ads for the Powermat charger

Posted on Thu Oct 8 2009

There's a new device called Powermat that can wirelessly charge your mobile phone, iPod and other electronics. The charging device looks like (as the name implies) a mat that magnetically attaches to electronics without you having to plug them in. If you're thinking WTF, then you're the right audience for the Powermat ads, which portray flabbergasted consumers. In the spot shown here, two college students try to figure out the Powermat. The device is so incredible, it evokes numerous profanities. For instance, the guys proclaim that it is "[bleeping] cool" and that they can "get so many [bleeping] chicks with this thing." Another spot shows co-workers also yelling profanities as they examine the Powermat. "How the [bleep] does it work?" asks one woman, while another woman replies: "It's [bleeping] quantum mechanics." Indeed, the Powermat is cool, although its $100 price tag may be a little much for some people. I still think it's worth it, given what you get for the price: 1) a wireless charging station, and 2) an easy way to learn how to curse like a sailor.

—Posted by Elena Malykhina



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