The key ingredient in Powerade's scientific claims: a grain of salt

Posted on Mon Mar 23 2009


Coca-Cola's Powerade is launching a new ad campaign touting its product as a scientifically superior alternative to Gatorade. It has reformulated its drinks to have four electrolytes compared to Gatorade's two, and has thus dubbed itself an "advanced electrolyte system." Still, it feels like you need to take these claims with an extra grain of one of Powerade's four key ingredients: salt. Because frankly, Coke's track record hasn't been very good of late. Claims about its "calorie-burning soda" Enviga ended in a $650,000 settlement to 27 states. Right before Christmas, the FDA said Diet Coke Plus's nutrient claims were in violation of the law. And even during the current March Madness tourney, VitaminWater received some unwanted attention when it was revealed that some of its flavor ingredients may create a false positive for drug testing among athletes. In the meantime, Gatorade, which substantiated its claims long ago, absolutely dominates the sports-drink category. Still, while Powerade has been an also-ran for as long as it's been around, at least it's not All Sport.

—Posted by Kenneth Hein



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