Post settles with Hulk Hogan over Cocoa Pebbles appearance

By T.L. Stanley on Fri Oct 1 2010

Marketers can't just go around appropriating celebrities' likenesses without forking over some dough. Just ask E*Trade, whose "milkaholic Lindsay" ad in the Super Bowl ended up costing them some scratch, reportedly, when Lindsay Lohan showed how paranoid she was by filing a lawsuit. (Included in the legal language: That baby smack-talked me! Not included: I need money!) That one's tenuous at best, but Post Foods rightly got its hands slapped by Hulk Hogan, who showed up in a Cocoa Pebbles ad in cartoon form, complete with a WWE-replica championship belt. (At least he got to pulverize Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble.) Since Hogan never agreed to star in that campaign, he threatened to sue. Post settled this week, giving the grappler an undisclosed amount of cash. The ad, seen here, was pulled. So that's a bam-bam for Post.



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