How a solid brand strategy helped Vivid conquer the porn world

By T.L. Stanley on Wed Sep 8 2010


You might've thought that porn DVD peddlers had gone the way of Times Square peep shows, what with the worldwide interwebs bringing in as much free smut as anyone with a DSL connection can handle. But in the case of Vivid Entertainment, you'd be wrong—to the tune of nearly $100 million a year in revenue. Obviously smarter than its counterparts in the music industry, Vivid is thriving because it's learned how to brand its product, according to our sister pub, The Hollywood Reporter, and trade heavily on two cash cows: celebrity sexcapades and superhero parodies. (The former, via Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson's honeymoon romp, helped put Vivid on the map. The quest for stars behaving badly continues with Vivid's recent acquisitions of Montana Fishburne and Kendra Wilkinson's naughty vids.) On the caped-crusader front, there are Batman and Superman movies on the way, and there's a deep bench if you count Marvel, DC Comics and other spoofable material. Check out the THR story for more. It's OK. We know you're reading it for the numbers.



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