Pom Wonderful ad puts pomegranate at heart of Garden of Eden

By Todd Wasserman on Mon Oct 4 2010


Talk about a strange marketing message. A new campaign for Pom Wonderful makes the claim that the Fall of Man was the result of a pomegranate. See three spots, and a behind-the-scenes video, after the jump. In one of the Malcolm McDowell-narrated ads for the pomegranate juice, Eve (played by Sonja Kinski—yes, the daughter of Natassja) is shown seductively writhing around with a snake beneath a pomegranate tree. McDowell's claim that "some scholars" think the forbidden fruit was a pomegranate is apparently true. Other guesses range from figs to carob. Either way, we get treated to a sort of visual allusion in which the daughter evokes the famous picture of a young Natassja and snake. Other ads make similarly bold claims about pomegranates being an aphrodisiac and something that warriors in Persia used to drink, which means Pom missed a perfect tie-in opportunity with The Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time earlier this year.

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