Anyone else want to try out a red, white and blue circular logo?

Posted on Thu Feb 5 2009

Fourlogos copy

Perhaps Pepsi didn't rip off the Obama logo after all. Korean Air, established in the 1970s, has its own Pepsi-ish logo, a play on the lovely and balanced red-and-blue circle on the South Korean flag. Pepsi's latest campaign brought forth a new uber-shiny and more lopsided version of the logo developed and redeveloped since the 1950s (umm, check out the Studebaker motor company symbol, too). Actually, the new Pepsi logo looks less like the Korean Air mark than the old Pepsi logo did. Thanks, Pepsi. Now, when I take a sip, I won't worry that I'm being whisked off to Asia.

—Posted by Yana Polikarpov

Hardee's prepared to offend the South with Slotcar sponsorship

Posted on Thu Feb 5 2009

Have y'all been looking for an even better way to laugh at Nascar? It's called Slotcar, and it's a new online series with weekly one- to two-minute video clip produced by Animax Studios that will feature explosions, fires, critters and plenty of animated T&A of the Slotcar racing world. The clips will air after every major real-life racing event in 2009, expect the series to poke fun at all the exciting happenings in Nascar. It's also brought to you by Hardee's Restaurants, which might have to close up shop in the South after this year. As the Slotcar anchors say when they sign off: "Until next time, ram that stick in and ride that slot hard!"

—Posted by Yana Polikarpov

It's National Carrot Day. Cauliflower, celery, snap peas boycott

Posted on Tue Feb 3 2009

You probably had no idea, but today is National Carrot Day. To celebrate, Pereira & O'Dell created this video for the skin-care company Yes to Carrots that explains how products rich in beta carotene are good for the hair, face and body. The singing carrot also claims his ancestors helped write the Constitution, fought in the Revolution, escaped from a mental institution and did all sorts of other cool stuff that ends in "ution." And they accomplished all this while having only 32 calories and 0 percent fat! Amazing. Almost as amazing as the fact that someone created a National Carrot Day.

—Posted by Yana Polikarpov



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