Barbados tourism promising good weather or your money back

Posted on Thu May 7 2009


People still aren't traveling much, and tourist destinations are still bending over backwards to attract visitors. But this might be a first: The Caribbean island of Barbados is guaranteeing good weather, and they'll pay you cash if you don't get it. As part of its new Perfect Weather Guarantee, Barbados will give tourists $100 for any day the temperature falls below an average of 78 degrees Fahrenheit and it rains more than a quarter-inch. (Check the Web site for extensive legal copy before booking, you thrifty ones). So far, this is the most desperate incentive we have seen for travel, but who knows, maybe other destinations follow suit with their own good-weather guarantees. Seattle might want to hold off for now.

—Posted by Yana Polikarpov

So much for the friendly, upload-your-face viral marketing effort

Posted on Tue Apr 14 2009


Dear sci-fi nerds: So, you saw the recent remake The Day the Earth Stood Still, you bought the special-edition DVD, and now want to send a swarm of matter-destroying locusts to destroy the houses of your best friends and worst enemies, right? Awesome. Now you can. No special alien powers or G.O.R.T.-like sidekick necessary. Just use your keyboard input appendages to type an address, and say good-bye. The realistic news alert, sent to an e-mail inbox, is enough to even get the icy-cool Klaatu (Keanu Reeves) in a state of panic. 

—Posted by Yana Polikarpov

Carl's Jr. teaching young men a new catch phrase: 'Whaaaaat?'

Posted on Wed Apr 1 2009

Carl's Jr. enlisted Attention Span Media to create new spots and a Web series that appeal to the (short) attention spans of hungry young men. The clips really beg the question, "WTF?" But they actually ask the tamer question, "Whaaaaat?" The two spots above, both set at bars, feature young guys who see extraordinary things happen right in front of their eyes, prompting them to utter the line, which Carl's Jr. hopes will become a new popular catch phrase. There must have been a time when you ordered a Bourbon Manhattan cocktail and wished it were a juicy, bourbon-sauce-smothered burger. I doubt the same thing could be said for a tentacled flirtatious brunette, though. Attention Span Media is also producing a popular and frequently Hulu'ed show, Dorm Life, which is also sponsored by Carls' Jr.

—Posted by Yana Polikarpov

Beggin strips glad to produce you and your dog's first rap video

Posted on Tue Mar 31 2009


It's not Hammer time. It's Beggin' time! Purina wants you to bust a move with your pooch and post the evidence online. Inevitably, your dog dances better than you anyway, so avoid the embarrassment and just upload photos of you and your canine to be incorporated into a pre-made music video. Your heads will go on two animated rapper bodies as you belt out a remix of "U Can't Touch This." With a direct upload option to Facebook, you have no excuse not to show how much you love your pet and/or bacon-flavored treats. If only your dog had thumbs, he would already have it posted!

—Posted by Yana Polikarpov

Samsung sheep art: computer tricks or just great herding skills?

Posted on Fri Mar 27 2009

This viral Samsung video showing talented sheep herders, sheepdogs and LED-sweater-clad Welsh sheep has stirred over 3 million viewers on YouTube and is a bona fide Internet sensation. The sheep run around creating various fun images on a hill in the Welsh countryside, like a moving computer Ping-Pong game, fireworks, and even the Mona Lisa. Makes you wonder exactly how much free time the people of Wales have, to be able to dress and choreograph hundreds of fluffy ovine. The debate is on about whether all or just some of the created displays are real. Don't you baaastids try to pull the wool over my eyes now!

—Posted by Yana Polikarpov

'Top Chef' hosts' palate pleasers: cheeseburgers and Diet Coke

Posted on Thu Mar 26 2009

Making a career out of judging dishes created by some of the country’s brightest culinary minds requires a discerning set of taste buds. But sometimes, you just want to sit down and let those taste buds bask in the glory of layers of bacon, beef and cheese, and wash it down with a sodie-pop. How else to explain Padma Lakshmi's steamy new Hardee's/Carl's Jr. commercial, or this Diet Coke spot with Tom Colicchio? Kudos to you, Top Chef hosts, for telling America its still OK to enjoy food and drink we can actually pronounce. Personally, I think Ms. Lakshmi looks more like the svelte diet-cola drinker, whereas Tom, well ... you get the idea.

—Posted by Yana Polikarpov

Snickers kindly asks you to start speaking like a blithering idiot

Posted on Wed Mar 11 2009


Snickers has been making up funny words for its advertising for a couple of years. But now the habit is being formalized with the new "Snickers Speak" campaign from TBWA\Chiat\Day New York, which encourages you to learn "Snacklish." Adland has a bunch of the ads here, showing the distinctive blue, red and white bold-type logo now spelling out a series of puns aimed at the average working/schooling American. These ads are all over the subway cars here in New York, enticing me to "Take night classes at the CHEWNIVERSITY," "Pledge SIGMA NOUGAT" and "Enroll at CITY CHOCOLLEGE." And enticed I often am, heading to take a midterm exam on an empty stomach. Non-collegiates, meanwhile, are encouraged to "File for workman's CHOMPENSATION" or simple "NOUGETABOUTIT."
  If you love it enough, friend it on Facebook, leave it messages, and make your own Snacklish-like logo here (and post it wherever you want). Stay away from words like "NUTSRAWESOME," though. Some people haven't heard about the campaign yet.

—Posted by Yana Polikarpov

Neutra Air from Lysol allows you to be just a filthy human being

Posted on Wed Mar 4 2009

As shown in this commercial from Euro RSCG, Lysol's Neutra Air has an automatic timer that causes the product to spray every 9, 18 or 36 minutes, whichever you choose, depending on how badly your place reeks. So, instead of worrying about your index finger getting tired while using the competing Oust product, or your arms aching after actually doing the laundry, taking out the trash or washing the dog, you can just cover it up with Neutra Air. How genius. So, don't worry if your home currently smells like you've neglected your chores or let the few remaining vestiges of respect for yourself as a human being dissipate. Get Neutra Air, and your home can smell like dirty socks and a tropical breeze all at once.

—Posted by Yana Polikarpov

Hey look, it's musicians endorsing microphones, not khaki pants

Posted on Thu Feb 26 2009


How refreshing to see musical artists actually endorse something they use in their line of work: microphones. Audio company Shure is indeed sure it can hit the right note with working musicians everywhere by showing the Who, the Black Crowes and other artists stepping up and testifying on behalf of its mikes. See larger images of these ads and two others here. Now, struggling musicians everywhere can feel good about dressing up in their $70 Banana Republic chinos to buy a $350 mic.

—Posted by Yana Polikarpov

Carl's Jr. wants to cure your case of the common crabs

Posted on Thu Feb 19 2009

Greenburrito Let's face it, a lot of men have a case of the crabs. No, not those crabs...rather that irritable, annoyed, 'I got to eat something' condition. Carl’s Jr. says it now has the cure. It is encouraging men to get their dose of Green Burrito Crisp Burritos at their local Carl's Jr. No appointment or prescription is necessary. The new green burritos come in three or five pieces depending on the severity of the problem. The CKE Restaurants-owned chain, known for its randy marketing, has also added another type of green to its menu, namely its first  eco-friendly flagship restaurant. Still, we don't have to worry about them becoming too politically correct. After all, they were the creators of the awesomely inappropriate Hardee’s "Slotcar" video.

—Posted by Yana Polikarpov



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