Playtex brings 10 ordinary women to New York for bra makeover

By Elena Malykhina on Thu Aug 19 2010

Playtex has touched on a sensitive subject for women in a series of new webisodes dubbed the "Playtex Bra Makeover." The clips—two of which have gone live so far—feature 10 women who all won a trip to New York City to meet with style expert Alison Deyette. Each woman faces some kind of bra problem. Towanda, for example, a single mom from Virginia, has "droopy boobies." (Hey, she said so herself!) The goal of the videos? To show that the majority of us (women) are wearing the wrong size bra or the wrong type of bra (lacking support, uncomfortable straps, you name it). Ultimately, Deyette helps the women find the right fit, and the videos conclude with the women thanking Playtex for a successful bra makeover. The effort is reminiscent of Dove's "Campaign for Real Beauty," which featured actual women in ads, not models. Seems Playtex is targeting all shapes, sizes and ages. Take that, Victoria's Secret!



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