'Playboy' holding Willy-Wonka-esque contest with golden tickets

By T.L. Stanley on Tue Nov 16 2010


There may just be an R-rated Superbad-meets-Willy-Wonka movie in here somewhere. Playboy top dog Hugh Hefner has announced a contest that will give out 10 "golden tickets" to readers of the venerable magazine. Those who root out those pieces of paper, stuffed into newsstand copies around the country, will win a VIP trip to the infamous Playboy Mansion for a Midsummer Night's Dream party next August (which is more like late summer, but let's not nitpick). Should we expect fans to go on massive buying and hoarding sprees, like they did for those Wonka chocolate bars? Hef, who's riding herd over a financially ailing empire, can dream. Playboy.com, which is tracking the sweepstakes, says no one found any tickets over the weekend, but the pub just went on sale Friday. There's still plenty of time for people to paw through their copies and start planning their grotto-centric vacations. Hef has never opened up the Los Angeles manse to readers before, though the stunt will only admit a handful of (potential) riffraff. They'll hardly stand out at all.

'Playboy' and Skoal making sticky, brown, weird love together

Posted on Wed Dec 17 2008


There's so much that's odd about the Beauty and the Beast-esque partnership between Playboy and Skoal—it's hard to know where to begin.
  The 12-page co-branded Skoal mini-magazine, which is being included with Playboy's 55th anniversary issue in January, makes sense on a basic level: Dippers are mostly men, and Playboy is mostly a men's magazine. Still, it's jarring to see the Playmates lounging around with the Skoal props. Women not named Gretchen Wilson notoriously flee from chewing tobacco. They don't take off their clothes and roll around in tins of the stuff. Nor do they go fishing with their giant green Skoal-tin chairs. (That's a lot of tobacco in those chairs.)
  Hopefully the editorial content will go some way toward redeeming the enterprise, although the sample page sent to the press isn't that encouraging. It's a page of party jokes supplied by Skoal dippers, and the only one that's halfway amusing happens to underscore the disgusting nature of the dipping habit: "Q. What do you get when you sit in the back of the truck when someone is spitting out the front window? A. Freckles."

—Posted by Tim Nudd



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