Do not eat your boating buddy, he is not actually a giant peanut

Posted on Fri Mar 13 2009

The spot opens just like any scene out of a Pirates of the Caribbean movie. A ship sailing on the lonely seas, the beautiful, crystal-like waves rolling in the background. Except our Will Turner in this case is not Orlando Bloom but a wide-eyed, hungry chap who mistakes his friend for a giant, salty peanut. Kraft's Mr. Peanut mascot, in turn, is about as nimble as Captain Jack Sparrow himself, fending off the attack with his signature black cane. A few bruises later, the man, "Gary," finally gives up his assault on the "nut" when he gets his hands on the new, Planter's peanuts made with sea salt. Seems like Kraft has taken a page out of the popular Disney movie. (Draftfcb, New York, handles.) Is a search for the long-lost Black Pearl ship next?

—Posted by Elaine Wong

Maybe brands shouldn't be quite so excited about Obama

Posted on Fri Jan 16 2009

Brand-obama copy

Red, white and blue donuts at Dunkin' Donuts. Limited-edition inaugural collector's packs of nuts from Planters. "Yes Pecan" ice cream from Ben & Jerry's. These are just a few examples of brands attempting to latch onto Obama-mania. Indeed, a good part of the country is ready for a change and jazzed for the inauguration. Pepsi, T.G.I. Friday's and Ikea certainly are.
  But the reality is, 43 percent of voters didn't want Obama as the next president (not to mention many people who didn't vote), and lots of them won't be celebrating on Jan. 20. One person recently said to me: "Let's hope he doesn't screw it up too bad during his four years so we can get a Republican back in office." This person, and many like him, still bitter about the election and the country about to be ruled by Democrats, are not going to want to celebrate with some inauguration-day trail mix and a can of Pepsi.

—Posted by Kenneth Hein



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