Pizza Hut spots to show what fine, fine people its employees are

By Elena Malykhina on Tue Sep 21 2010


Pizza Hut wants the public to know that its employees are quality citizens who not only enjoy working for the chain but also consume its food. In an effort to spread the message, Pizza Hut has kicked off a campaign that features real employees chosen through video submissions. Eight made the cut for having the best personalities and for telling their "favorites" story—in which they talk about which Pizza Hut offering they like the most. The effort is from The Martin Agency, which created its first campaign for the pizza brand back in February, featuring customers talking about their own pizza favorites. Seems Pizza Hut is sticking to the theme of testimonials, while just adding employees to the mix. But the chain also could be alluding to the criticism that rival Domino's faced last spring when two employees were caught doing disgusting things with Domino's food in a YouTube video. It's the oldest marketing tactic in the book, although Pizza Hut took the diplomatic approach and didn't attack any competitors directly in the new campaign.

Did Pizza Hut's anti-France World Cup effort in Ireland deliver?

Posted on Tue Jun 22 2010


Pizza Hut's Irish stores have generated a lot of international media for a World Cup promotion on Facebook intended to give away a free pizza to Gaelic consumers every time a goal was scored against France. The chain sought to satisfy fans' appetite for retribution after French player Thierry Henry's unpunished handball in a World Cup qualifier last year denied Ireland entry to soccer's biggest tournament. France, of course, had a disastrous turn in the South African games, culminating in a 2-1 defeat today to the host country (following a goalless draw with Uruguay and a 2-0 defeat to Mexico). But while Irish football fans should be enjoying a dish called revenge with extra cheese and pepperoni, they're turning their wrath towards Pizza Hut instead. It's not clear if the 350-pie limit has been reached or if the site is malfunctioning, but free pizzas appear not to be available to the hungry fans demanding them.

—Posted by Noreen O'Leary

Summer's over, but the Pizza Hut/Taco Bell song is hanging on

Posted on Mon Sep 14 2009

It's already been hailed as one of the catchiest songs of the summer. Now, the over-the-top ode to a fast-food joint has cracked the highbrow world of public radio. That's right, the hypnotizing (some say maddening) ditty called "Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell" has become an unlikely favorite at KCRW, the Los Angeles station better known for informed political discourse, This American Life and the latest from Fleet Foxes. I would've considered it a novelty if they'd played it once, but it keeps popping up, sandwiched between alt-music darlings like Rodrigo Y Gabriela and Kitty Daisy & Lewis, giving the fast-food siblings exposure they couldn't buy. Check out this Village Voice interview, in which the Brooklyn-based rappers who call themselves Das Racist are quizzed about the sociopolitical roots of their infectious dance track. Why the love for the Pizza Hut and Taco Bell song? Half of the duo, Victor, thinks it's because "Yum! Brands combination franchises themselves are pretty ubiquitous but still absurd and almost terrifyingly prophetic." And it's got a great beat!

—Posted by T.L. Stanley

Don't get too close to Jim Breuer if he's eating pizza near a pool

Posted on Mon Sep 14 2009

Who could blame Jim Breuer (Goat Boy, Saturday Night Live) for getting hungry while filming a commercial for Pizza Hut's new Stuffed Crust Pan Pizza? (It is pizza, after all.) The comedian, who's seen in ads yelling "Jackpot!" when describing Pizza Hut's newest menu item, craved the pan-pizza-plus-melted-cheese-outer-ring combination so much that he scuffled with a stagehand for it at the shoot, and ended up throwing the stagehand in a swimming pool. The video, shot two weeks ago, has been seen more than 500,000 times across various online venues, according to Pizza Hut, which confirms to BrandFreak that yes, it was staged (though Breuer did ad-lib his lines). Reminds us of that classic "Leggo my Eggo" line, or else!

—Posted by Elaine Wong

Pizza Hut, Taco Bell blessed (or cursed) with Das Racist tribute

Posted on Mon Jun 29 2009

Good news, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell: You are name-checked in what Pitchfork is calling one of the songs of the summer. The bad news: It's bloody awful. Das Racist's "Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell" is catchy enough, and the lyrics are pretty easy to get down as well, since it's basically about one thing: two guys calling each other on their cell phones trying to link up at the setting of the title. Pitchfork gives the song an 8 out of 10, but acknowledges the pick was somewhat controversial. "Reactions within our staff have ranged from 'I'd like to punch these guys in the face' and 'This was sent here to destroy my interest in music' to 'Harold and Kumar existentialism.' " It's all a matter of taste, I suppose, and if yours runs to two guys yelling over a pedestrian dance track, then have at it. Whatever the case, it's a win-win for Pizza Hut/Taco Bell, since the song gives both chains some cred with the Gen Y demo. I can't see Das Racist rapping this way about Cracker Barrel.

—Posted by Todd Wasserman

Pizza Hut assisting robotic alien invaders with 'Terminator' tie-in

Posted on Mon Apr 6 2009


I know this sounds paranoid, but I think Pizza Hut is in league with killer robots from the future, and I have proof. OK, so I got this press release today, and it says the pizza chain is going to send a lucky fan and a guest to the world premier of Terminator Salvation. Beginning today, people can go to and enter to win. This is obviously a ploy to collect names for termination by the T-600. What's more, the first prize-winner will get a life-sized "replica" of the Terminator sent to their homes. But here is where it gets really creepy. On May 21, anyone named Sarah Connor or John Connor can get a free pizza if they go to their local Pizza Hut. "Just bring your government-issued I.D. to claim your free pizza," reads the release, which sounds like it was written by a robot. Listen, this is exactly what the machines want so they can find the real John and Sarah Connor. Free pizza just isn't worth it, Sarah and John. Stay away. You've been warned.

—Posted by Kenneth Hein



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