Roses are red, violets are blue, and Pinky Vodka is sexy and sweet

Posted on Fri Jul 10 2009

6a00d834519bc269e2011570fa72bb970c-100wi Flower-essence infused Pinky Vodka has recently taken bloom with its sparkly new online media makeover. The light pink alcohol, encased in a sleek glass bottle with a black name tag and "Pinky" written in cursive, takes feminine sex appeal to an entirely new level. The makers actually personify the vodka as chic and sophisticated and say, "Every lovely lady likes to keep her look modern, sharp and fresh. Pinky Vodka is no different." Pinky poses as an accessory for any glamour girl (perhaps even those under-aged divas who also idolize Pinky's image of girly frilliness). While the Web site boasts the beauty of the bottle, it also stresses its inner substance; vodka that is hand blended with violets, rose petals, and ten other botanicals. "We don’t mind blushing about our beauty, but we like to be recognized for our ingredients," per the new site. How deep! Nevertheless, Pinky is stirring up all the hotspots and giving viewers tips on how to party Pinky-style on It's too bad shots aren't very lady-like!

—Posted by Allison Shafir



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