A mystery is solved, as Pinkberry reveals just what it's made of

Posted on Thu Aug 20 2009


We all know what a strawberry is, and a blueberry, too. But what's a "Pinkberry"? Actually, that's just the problem. Pinkberry is a frozen-dessert chain that made a huge splash in L.A. and New York about two years ago, drawing lines that wrapped around the block, with dreamy-eyed fans awaiting their fix of the smooth, creamy ... whatever the hell it was. The company kept mum about what was in its exhilarative soft-serve. Most fans guessed it was just frozen yogurt. But then the Los Angeles Times sent a cup to a lab, and reported that the stuff didn't contain enough active yogurt cultures to officially be called fro yo. (Sorry, yo.) But now, it seems like the case is finally closed. The notoriously reticent Pinkberry just unveiled a new Web site, Pinkberry.com, designed by L.A. firm Ferroconcrete. And the recipe book's wide open. Aside from the ingredients you'd expect to find in the swirly treat (guar gum, citric acid, all your old favorites), there's not one but three active yogurt cultures—enough, in fact, to win the seal of approval from the National Yogurt Association. It's won another seal of approval, too. Its fans now purportedly include Nick, Joe and Kevin Jonas. And indeed, here's footage of Joe eating his s. thermophilus, l. bulgaricus and l. acidophilus.

—Posted by Robert Klara



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