Sure, Pine-Sol cleans, but it can also satisfy your wildest desires

Posted on Wed Nov 4 2009

There's a bunch of books out in a series called Porn for Women that show attractive men doing things like vacuuming and saying things like, "Oh look, the NFL playoffs are today. I bet we'll have no trouble parking at the crafts fair." If you find that hilarious, you're likely to go for these new ads for Pine-Sol from DDB's San Francisco office. The one here begins Hitchcock style, showing a woman driving a car along the Pacific highway and pulling into a mansion to find a buff shirtless dude mopping the floor (with Pine-Sol, of course). The fantasy aspect is compounded by the fact that the Pine-Sol lady, comedian Diane Amos, is quite zaftig, so when she plops down on the bed of roses and Pine-Sol bottles, it's a bit different than when, say, Mena Suvari did the same thing (sans Pine-Sol) in American Beauty. In another spot, Pine-Sol is presented as a sort of aphrodisiac. "That's the power of Pine-Sol, baby," says Amos. If that's the case, I'll steer clear of it.

—Posted by Todd Wasserman



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